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5 Stunning BI Infographics You Might Have Missed This Year

11 February, 2015

5 Stunning BI Infographics You Might Have Missed This Year

Since business intelligence is all about data (and visually appealing representations of that data), those in the biz tend to appreciate when a good infographic comes along. Luckily, with the new year came many new infographics, many of which helped readers make sense of big data. Here’s a quick list of some BI favorites that have already been published this year:

The Evolution Of Data


The way data is being used by marketers seems to be constantly changing. What started with basic behavioral data has evolved into detailed lifestyle, demographic and transactional data, all of which can give any company an important leg up on competition. This infographic by ALC gives insight for using all that data with a narrow focus in mind. 

Big Data For Small Business


More than ever before, it’s important for business users to understand the impact of big data. This infographic guide published by Tech Cocktail breaks down the ways that small businesses should use data to boost efficiency, cut costs and tailor decisions in order to have a positive impact on their company.

Facts And Myths Of Business And Big Data In The Cloud


Many believe that enterprises and IT teams are cloud-averse and startups are cloud-happy. While the latter is undeniable, the notion that enterprises avoid the cloud is much more debatable. This interesting infographic put out by Entrepreneur looks at real attitudes toward cloud adoption and application for all business users.

Why Business Intelligence Is Key For Competitive Advantage


There are so many sources of information in the world right now, it has become daunting task just to collect information, let alone analyze it. The sheer volume of information about any particular subject can be astounding, so not surprisingly, many discard it without a second thought. Others however, look deeper into trends and patterns that can be capitalized on. SmartData Collective published this infographic to visualize the growth of data usage and highlight just how profitable it has become.

Big Data And Analytics Trends 2015


Last but not least, this infographic from Aureus is a summation of the latest trends in the big data and analytics field, which points to real-world progress that is happening around the globe at an astonishingly fast rate.


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