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5 companies that are dominating with machine-learning

12 October, 2017

5 companies that are dominating with machine-learning

No, we’re not talking about sentient killer robots, and yes, AI is more than self-driving smart cars and chat bots. Natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning are changing the way businesses are interacting with customers and how platforms are serving users.

AI is certainly being touted as the next big thing, but many companies have already hit the ground running—and only gained speed since getting there—by building machine learning into the core functions of their business.

Here are 5 companies nailing this machine learning thing, and how they’re doing it:


As one of the largest retailers in the world, Amazon also boasts one of the largest AI platforms in the world. Whether you’re shopping for paper towels or functioning within their AWS platform, chances are you’re engaging with several machine-learning programs.

On the retail side, everything from product recommendations to supply chain, forecasting, and capacity planning runs on machine-learning, while programs like Macie and Glue that scan for sensitive data breaches and perform data cleansing, respectively. Of course, let’s not forget Alexa, Prime Air, and Amazon Go, which all function through AI algorithms, while rumors of an AI fashion designer are feeding the Amazon AI flame.

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