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4 Sales Trends To Keep An Eye On From SaaStr This Year, Including AI

10 February, 2017

4 Sales Trends To Keep An Eye On From SaaStr This Year, Including AI

This week, over 10,000 SaaS enthusiasts gathered at SaaStr Annual in San Francisco, where they sought out innovative products and discovered the most innovative sales practices.

SaaS sales leaders have to be innovative. After all, the proliferation of choice in products makes it necessary for SaaS sales leaders to run an airtight sales operation in order to grow in a competitive environment.

Here are four sales trends to keep your eye on, following this week’s event.

The rise of the sales enablement role

Notice I used the words “the rise of” rather than “emerging.”

Sales enablement has been around for a while. But just recently it has crossed the chasm from a “nice-to-have” role for companies to a necessity. Much of this is due to The Sales Enablement Society’s rapid growth and thought leadership. Founded in 2016, the Sales Enablement Society has been making strides in formalizing the sales enablement profession and promoting the value it provides B2B sales organizations. Expect to see handfuls of sales enablement professionals join high-profile SaaS companies this year.

Personalization continues to grow in importance

This is not so much a new trend as it is a continuing trend.

While HubSpot’s mantra of “inbound marketing” works well for many companies, going “upmarket” with your SaaS solution (selling to large, enterprise customers) typically requires outbound account-based sales and marketing efforts (“spears” rather than “nets,” as Aaron Ross would say). To make this approach effective, personalization is a “non-negotiable.” SalesLoft and Engagio are two technologies you’ll see at SaaStr 2017 that enable hyper-personalization in a scalable manner.

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