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Is Your BI Tool Designed for Mobile? How to Tell & Why It Matters

17 July, 2015

Is Your BI Tool Designed for Mobile? How to Tell & Why It Matters

Many businesses, from small, privately owned companies to large corporate enterprises, employ a business intelligence (BI) tool to track and improve company operations, boost productivity, and keep the whole team on the same page.

Amidst the latest in BI, employees have also gone mobile. Could your company compete or perform business functions adequately without a mobile solution for your BI tools? Didn’t think so. Businesses must remain agile and intelligent, and mobile access to BI data does just that by enabling a ‘game-like’ data experience without a wi-fi connection.

Especially on holiday weekends execs rely even more on mobile business apps. Equip your team by ensuring useful access to business data via mobile this weekend.

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