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How Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Police Body Cameras

13 April, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Police Body Cameras

The first generation of police body cameras was introduced in 2005 in Great Britain. Their primary task was, and still is, to record police interactions with the public as well as to gather evidence at crime scenes. During a typical day, every police officer captures hours and hours of footage. To separate the irrelevant data from incriminating evidence, every recording needs to be reviewed and edited.

Now imagine sifting through hundreds of hours of police footage, looking for a specific piece of information, such as a verbal exchange between an officer and a suspect, a clear shot of license plates, or a suspect entering a particular building or meeting a particular person. It’s a rather time-consuming task, so a lot of this footage ends up archived to be reviewed later, forfeiting potentially valuable or time-sensitive evidence.

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