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How Artificial Intelligence Is The Key To Unlocking Big Data

22 September, 2014

How Artificial Intelligence Is The Key To Unlocking Big Data

Big data and how best to utilise it has become a perennial subject, and the endless debates around it rarely come to a satisfactory conclusion. However, it is technology that will unlock the benefits, and narrow AI (artificial intelligence) in particular that will bring together big data and other sources of information to create large and informative data pictures.

Big data is mostly about consumers and marketing, and from this perspective the 1960s to the beginning of the 1990s were a simple golden period. There were a limited number of people who controlled the commercial media, the big newspaper groups, TV and then radio channels. Massive viewing figures around programmes such as Coronation Street and large newspaper circulations meant it was relatively easy to put advertising in front of nearly all consumers quickly and easily.

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